Environment Council Launches Several Initiatives

April 22, 2022

Art Farm at Serenbe feels a deep responsibility as a steward of place and in leading impactful environmental causes in our community. In partnership with leading conservationists and environmentalists, our organization is actively identifying opportunities to forge partnerships and catalyze meaningful programs that will educate, inspire, and help heal our natural world.  

In support of our endeavors, the following collaborators have joined the Art Farm Environment Council to lead the way, inspire others to take up the mission and affect tangible change:

  • Rob Kirsch, Environment Council Chair
  • Helen Vantine
  • Herb Brown
  • Brandon Blanchard
  • Morgan Lindsey
  • Thomas Peters
  • Giff Beaton
  • Alfie Vick

On February  2022, a summit of some of the brightest minds and biggest hearts in conservation and environmental studies came together at Serenbe to identify opportunities on lands held in conservation easements and environmental programs that would bring our broader community in Chattahoochee Hills together. This foundational work will seed some programming in our first year that will have lasting positive impact in our communities and for our neighbors!

Anticipated projects and programming for 2022 include:

Environmental Pledge

  • Given the scale and scope of the art events at Art Farm, we have partnered with an environmental consultant on improving our own sustainability practices and will work to dramatically reduce our events footprint.

Bee City Coming

  • In collaboration and partnership with the city of Chattahoochee Hills and the University of Georgia Environmental Internship program established by Art Farm, working to achieve Bee City designation by establishing pollinator-friendly policy and practice throughout our communities. Learn more at: https://beecityusa.org ;

Nature Walks

  • In collaboration and partnership with Bear Creek Nature Center, Art Farm will assist in pollinator garden restorations and various educational events at the Nature Center while the Nature Center will help design and implement an Art Farm a monthly “Walk in Nature” educational hiking series at locations inside and outside Serenbe