The more we speak the universal language of Art, the more we begin to understand.

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Art Farm at Serenbe is a place for passionate people who believe in authenticity and yearn to have a deeper understanding of the world around them. It is a unique destination to experience the arts in the south, bringing cultural experts to Chattahoochee Hills through thoughtful, heart-centric collaboration.

Come and see for yourself. Bring your friends and family.
Art Farm at Serenbe is for everyone with an open heart and a passion for nature.

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VIP "Meet the Artists"

May 20
6:00 pm
Meet the composer and musicians from The Lodger screening


"The Lodger" Film Screening with Live Music

May 21
7:30 pm
Alfred Hitchcock's silent film classic with live music


Come Hang with Fatima

Jun 11
7:00 pm
Feel the sun on your face and connect with nature through dance


Tertulia Summer Weekend Events

Jun 23
6:30 pm
World-class chamber music weekend from Thurs, June 23rd to Sat, June 25th

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