We are proud to live in a Bee City USA affiliate. In partnership with the city of Chattahoochee Hills, Rodale Institute, Bear Creek Nature Center, and Hillside Farm, the Art Farm built a coalition to support and encourage pollinator conservation and maintain the city’s nationally recognized designation as a Bee City USA affiliate.

Nature is central to Art Farm’s programming and messaging. Through the Environment Council, we partner with environmental groups and stakeholders to help protect the nature surrounding us and to educate the community about sustainable living through art, storytelling, and experience.

Partnering with Serenbe Farms, the Environment Council funded and installed a state-of-the-art compost station in the Serenbe community. This creates the first closed loop food system and is being tested and modeled with a focus on community-wide engagement in the program.


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Nature is the most elegant, delicate and impactful form of art. It evokes deep feels and sense of connection in us all. We ground our feet to the same earth, look up at the same sky and breath the same air.

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