Vision & Mission

To touch the deepest wells of the human spirit through art and nature.

Serenbe is a welcoming and vibrant arts community that inspires creativity, stewards environmental resources and respects collaboration, diversity and sustainability. We are a global destination providing quality entertainment and interaction that generates compassionate understanding of varying cultures and viewpoints, both for Serenbe and our broader communities.

We meet these objectives by developing and maintaining state-of-the-art facilities for diverse performances and artist residencies. We are an arts incubator cultivating meaningful partnerships for programming, learning and outreach while respecting the lifestyle of the greater community and with care for the natural environment.

Artistic Values

Diversity and inclusiveness
Stewardship of place
The exchange of ideas and viewpoints
Artistic excellence
The creative process
The power of art to make the world a better place

Art Farm at Serenbe celebrates artistic excellence with an emphasis on programming experienced in magical outdoor places. We value the perspectives and contributions of all people and are committed to being an inclusive organization that welcomes and respects everyone.


Mother nature is the main character in every experience that we offer.

A trip to Art Farm at Serenbe is anything but ordinary.
Ballet somehow becomes more beautiful danced in a field of wildflowers. When the forest isn't painted but planted, a play about becoming lost in the woods becomes more believable.

The artists' and makers' spaces, cottages for artists in residency, and various stages grant us the ability to engage in nature mindfully and creatively.

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Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Council serves the Serenbe residents, artists, and surrounding communities by cultivating connections through artistic endeavors.

By fostering relationships with our Chattahoochee Hills neighbors, we can learn about the artistic needs and desires of our local schools, city government, places of worship, social groups, and community centers.

The Community Engagement Council is a direct link between the Arts Councils and the greater community by generating opportunities to enjoy and participate in the diverse programming and events at the Art Farm at Serenbe.

We are problem solvers; If the local school focuses on an environmental study, how can the Environmental Council offer its expertise? If the local dance academy is preparing for a musical, how can the Dance Council inspire the students?

By taking action to offer opportunities that encourage a love of the arts, we are enriching lives and creating patrons of the arts.

The mission of the Community Engagement Council is to cultivate a vibrant and welcoming arts community not only for Serenbe but for our society as a whole.
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Board Members

Janice Barton

Retired, Founder, CEO
Performance Plus Mktg, now Augeo Marketing

Penny McPhee

Vice Chair
Philanthropic Consultant

Jill Campbell

President and Chief People & Operations Officer, Cox Enterprises

Charles Hooker

Secretary, Theater Council Chair
Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Garnie Nygren

Facilities Chair
Community Member

Jane Blount

Dance Council Chair
Senior Counsel for Studio and Networks, Warner Media

Jamie Linden

Film Council Co-Chair

Gemmie Dayrit

Public Art and Special Projects Council Chair
Community Member

Robert W. Kirsch

Environment Council Chair
Managing Partner, Warbird

Jared Mass

Film Council Co-Chair
Film Producer

Cindy S. Lederman

Governance Chair
Circuit Court Judge, Retired

Faith McCoy Scriven

Music Council Chair
Community Member

Staff Members

John Jamilkowski

Director, Programs + Events

John Jamilkowski is a multidisciplinary creative director who believes that creativity should be paramount in any endeavor.

John has served in executive leadership roles for top brands like TNT, NBCUniversal, Broadway Video, and NCR. He has directed film shorts, worked in television marketing, and activated large-scale media in Times Square and at Comicons.

John and his wife Julie co-founded Serenbe Film when they became residents and have created immersive film events that marry the magic of the movies with the natural wonder of Serenbe screening"Field of Dreams" enriched with actually playing baseball in the meadow; Showing "Like Water For Chocolate" and having the audience eat the foods presented; showing the animated classic "Spirited Away" inspired children when accompanied by anime fight choreography and a drumming lesson.

Through his previous relationships, John has forged meaningful partnerships with Sundance Film Festival and The Atlanta Film Festival and believe that Serenbe serves as the perfect home for engaging arts experiences. John is thrilled to be helping to direct the programming and hosting events for Art Farm at Serenbe.

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