Recap: 2023 Art Farm Soirée at Serenbe
Oct 11, 2023

Art Farm's inaugural fundraiser, the Soirée at Serenbe took place in the Wildflower Meadow on September 26, 2023, marking an exciting launch for our organization. With the support of over 200 attendees, both from the Serenbe community and beyond, we took a significant step towards realizing Art Farm's plans of growth and campus development.

With over 200 attendees, we gathered in the beautiful Wildflower Meadow to enjoy a lively welcome reception, dazzling performances by Les Farfadais and "Idols" vocalists, and celebrate the arts in our community. The live auction was full of energy and enthusiasm; our auctioneer Magen McRoberts said it was one of the best rooms she has been in for the entirety of her career!

Art Farm would like to express our gratitude to our fundraising partner, Boundless Impact Agency, and our generous sponsors: Studio 13, GreyStone Power, Michael Taylor and David B. Price with Morgan Stanley, Charles Hooker with Kirkpatrick-Townsend, and United Distributors.

With the support of all in attendance, we are now closer to our goal of building a dedicated performance venue and interactive arts campus that will provide unique and enriching arts experiences for Serenbe and its surrounding communities. Thank you for being part of this important step in our journey. 

Watch the recap video and view photos below!

Co-Chairs Anne Pratt and Lisa Challenger assist with the Golden Ticket drawing
Attendees try to outbid the competition in a lively auction!
Art Farm Board Chair Janice Barton and auctioneer Magen McRoberts share the stage
Les Farfadais cirque troupe performing
Brandon Rogers, Alexis Grace, Ace Young, Diana DeGarmo, and Melinda Doolittle performing
The cast of "Serenity" waves audiences goodbye